The Slightly Nasty Model 1011 is a voltage controlled oscillator that's a little bit different. Despite featuring a host of
The Slightly Nasty Model 2231 Asymmetric Slew Limiter is a versatile signal generator and signal processor based on the principle
The Slightly Nasty Model 2251 Multiband Filter is a versatile multimode 12dB Oct state-variable filter that provides four simultaneous filter
The Slightly Nasty Model 1411 Dual Discrete Mixer is a basic mixer module that provides two independent 3:1 mixers, with
The Slightly Nasty Model 2111 Random Voltage Source allows you to easily incorporate elements of randomness and chance into your
The Slightly Nasty Model 2241 Voltage Processor is a useful control voltage and signal processor that combines a handful of
(In development) A cross between a traditional discrete VCA and the Moog ladder filter, this module can operate in either
(In development) An 8-band filterbank with bands capable of going into self-oscillation, or ringing at lower amplitudes. Separate inputs and
(In development) A four-stage voltage-controlled wavefolder / distortion unit.